Apple Finally Get Rids of iPhone NDA, Developers Sigh

iPhone developers across the world has finally got something to cheer, as Apple announced to lift off the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that had prevented them from talking about the procedures involved in developing various applications for the device.

In a statement on the company’s iPhone developer website, Apple notified that it has placed the NDA to protect the innovation from being stolen by other companies.

Now, the company has acknowledged that the NDA was creating unnecessary burden on developers and authors who are interested in making iPhone a grand success worldwide.

The company will now introduce new set of rules for its already released applications for the iPhone that won’t include the NDA clauses; however, the company maintained that the NDA will remain in force for the “unreleased applications and features”.

The move would help Apple in building good relationships with iPhone developers, who have really been frustrated from the gag order that prevented them from discussing the process of development of iPhone features.