Apple To Investigate French Claims That Mac Pros Contain Benzene

Apple has denied claims that some of its Mac Pros were emitting benzene and said it did not find any evidence to support claims as was reported by a French newspaper.

The response from Apple comes in wake of reports published by the French newspaper Liberation which had mentioned that Apple Mac Pros made before 2008 often emit an odour which contains traces of several toxins including benzene.

The French newspaper quoted several users who mentioned that they experienced headaches, dizziness and even nausea owing to these odours.

Some user have complained that these odours at times smelled similar to ‘slunk weed’ while other have reportedly remarked that it smelled like ‘melted chocolates’.

However Apple has strongly come out against such allegations mentioning that it investigation did not come across any such occurrence where benzene was emitted and said it will continue to investigate the matter.