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Canada's Mafiaboy breaks his silence; after writing a book

Interesting to read that ubermensch amongst Canada's hackers, Mafiaboy, who has said very little since he was nicked in 2000 for paralysing the Web sites of CNN, eBay and several other portals for several hours, has written a book.

Bizarrely, Mafiaboy's real identify can't be revealed, as he was a 15-year-old minor when he was nicked, even though he's all grown up now.

After pleading guilty to more than 50 charges, the superhacker was sentenced to eight months in a youth detention centre and given a year's probation after that.

Mafiaboy's book - called "How I Cracked the Internet and Why It's Still Broken" - the now 23-year-old says he wasn't really a computer whizz kid but that he quickly gained knowledge of computers and got to know other young hackers.

"After spending years trying to learn everything about how my PC worked, and enjoying every second of learning DOS commands and other echnical information, I felt a strange kinship with these nameless,

faceless programmers and online rebels," he says in one of the published extracts from the book.

"How did they create these programs? How many more of them were out here? How could I learn to write programs? To me, they were the oolest kids in cyberspace. I wanted to hang with them. I wanted to be

a hacker," he added.

Wise words. Commercialdom peeks through, though, as apparently the book was "co-written" by Craig Silverman, an established journalist rom Montreal.

The book is released on October 11 and, whilst I suspect much of it will be commercial and not tells us much about Mafiaboy's psyche, I ive in hope...