Google Introduces New Blog Search, Looks Better Than Technorati And Techmeme

Google has revamped its blog search methodology by launching a new homepage for the services that bears close resemblance to Techmeme.

The reintroduced service from Google comprises of its own “memetracker”, which piles up all the latest blogs about popular events and news and thereby helps users in browsing new topics effortlessly.

The new homepage will comprise of several topics classified in under various headings including politics, business, entertainment and technology.

Google would seem to leverage some of the features of Google News, which include top news stories from a large number of websites run by various news agencies, TV stations and newspapers.

The new service would offer stiff competition to some of the prominent blogging platforms like, Techmeme, which provides technical news, and Memeorandum, which covers political updates.

Google Blog Search also incorporates useful graphs depicting the time at which the given blog was posted, which would help bloggers in deciding what’s really hot and what has faded away, on the blogosphere.