Microsoft To Attract More Traffic To Live Search Using Tickets, Perks and Cashbacks

In its quest to find some breathing space in the search engine market, Microsoft has come up with new offerings to lure web searchers.

The software giant has now come up with Live Search SearchPerks scheme that let the users earn points for using various Microsoft’s services and products; however, we’ve already seen Live Search Cashback scheme from the company that paid some cash back to the customers for buying products online using Microsoft’s search engine hardly making an impact.

The users will earn “tickets” every time they use services from Microsoft, for instance, each live search will give one ticket to the user; furthermore, tickets can only be earned when the user use Internet Explorer for browsing services.

The scheme is scheduled to start from November 1, allows a single user to earn up to 25 tickets per day with an incentive of 500 tickets during the sign up process.

These tickets will later redeem for all sorts of gifts in form of music downloads, LCD screen notebooks, air tickets and much more.