More Data Mayhem : MI5 Terrorist Files Disappear After Mini Laptop Is Stolen

A thief stole a handheld computer from a house in Greater Manchester after someone left the windows open; the computer, probably a sub-laptop, contained data on the MI5 and its fight against terrorism.

The device was stolen on the 28th of September from a MI5 safehouse (ed: is it really a "safe" house then?) and comes after a string of similar data losses has struck both MI5 and MI6.

A spokesperson for the Greater Manchester Police confirmed that the data on the handheld computer was encrypted but failed to say whether there were any backup.

Earlier this year, top secret files have been left on the train by a senior civil servant and a few days ago, a digital camera containing secret files was purchased for £17 on Ebay. The camera apparently belonged to an MI6 Spy.

To cap things up, a hard drive containing the details of 50,000 RAF members were stolen from a RAF base in Gloucestershire.

Since 2004, more than 650 laptops have been stolen or lost by the Ministry of Defence according to a recent report which also identified some glaring shortcomings within the MoD.