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Python Software Foundation Releases New Version of the Popular Language

The Python Software Foundation has announced a new (opens in new tab) version of the Python language. At 2.6 in the series, this version adds additional language features and libraries, including a module to take advantage of multi-core processors - which are now pretty much standard across servers and consumer computers.

Python is a general purpose language that has enjoyed an upsurge of popularity in recent years, in part due to its use by large companies such as YouTube, Google and even NASA.

Once thought of as a secondary language used by systems administrators and hobbyists, Python has become a contender for the market-share currently occupied by C++, C# and Java; although Python roles still represent a comparatively small sector of the job-market.

The popularity of this Open Source language has not gone un-noticed by the likes of Sun and Microsoft, who have both invested in porting it to their Java and .NET platforms respectively.

As more companies notice the productivity increase of dynamic-languages (which can be anything from 2X to 50X according to some estimates), I predict that Python will become a much sought after skill. Since few Universities teach Python, demand will probably outstrip supply for some time and good Python developers will see an increase in salary.