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Review : Mobileways Remote Professional 3.00

Some of you will have used mobileways for presenting your Symbian S80, S60 V1/2 and UIQ apps. It was almost impossible to demonstrate product without using it as huddling around a 6680 when trying to pitch to any more than one investor or potential buyer was a nightmare.

So having bought loads of licences for Symbian 7 devices my wallet was ready and open for mobileways Symbian 9.1. Yet for what must have been two years there was silence. Symbian 7 fell into disuse and using TV out on an N93, and then competitor products, never quite did it for me.

So I was ridiculous happy to see that Ole had resurfaced in Feb of this year with a kicking new version of Remote Pro. Now with Version 3 in the offing I can demonstrate pretty much everything Symbian wherever I am.

The redesigned web site gives a flavour of the Remote Pro:

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Version 3 allows for the screen & device display and control of most Symbian Series 60 V1,2 & 3 devices as well as UIQ 3, over USB, Bluetooth and WiFi.

Shortly companies will also be able to make Webcasts of the handset screen, ideal for distance training.

As with the previous versions Remote Pro is based on a device and desktop clients. Once installed the PC client UI looks pretty much like the old version.

Obvious problems with the initial connectivity have hampered users in the past, though this is simplified by the extensive help files.

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Skins for the most popular handsets are available directly from the mobileways website though some of the older series 1 and 2 skins appear to only be downloadable from Handango.

Each one also has to be installed which is a minor drag. The E90 interior screen is supported though not with a skin, yet.

Connecting via USB or Bluetooth is straight forward and allows not only for the screen of the device to be seen but also the screen within the skin of the device.

As said before, presenting mobile applications to investors and customers on a device is unrealistic unless the handset screen can be projected; the trouble is unless the screen is wrapped in a device skin they often can not understand that they are seeing a real application on a real device! This is a key advantage of Remote Pro over its competitors.

For manuals and marketing material, remote Pro allows screenshots and videos to be captured of the device screen though not with the device skin.

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An extremely useful new feature, especially if your application has a long setting list, is Screenshot Studio. This automatically merges individual screenshots of long menus or screens into one continuous image.

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Additional thought has been given to WiFi connectivity, enabling the handset client to act as a web server allowing a browser to be display the device screen (but without the skin). A further neat trick is the use of DynamicDNS especially useful for impromptu presentations when out of the office.

Ole of Mobileways is committed to developing the product further, and seeing how he is progressed in the last few months, the webcast facility should be a treat.

Pricing is based on a per device licence, $35 on Handango, with a good 50% discount on upgrades from the old version. Anybody buying V2.92 now will be eligible for a free upgrade when V3 comes out of Beta. I thoroughly recommend Remote Professional (opens in new tab).