US DoJ Will Scrutinise Google-Yahoo Advert Partnership

Senator Herb Kohl has expressed his concerns over the contentious Google-Yahoo ad revenue sharing deal and urged US Justice Department to continuously monitor the deal, even if the deal eventually gets department’s nod.

In a letter to US Justice Department, the Senator wrote, “Should the amount of the advertising outsourced by Yahoo to Google grows significantly, we know the threat to competition will also increase.”

In addition, Kohl also urged the department to interfere in case the department sees that Google is dominating the market as a result of the agreement.

Earlier in June, Google and Yahoo inked an ad revenue sharing deal that allows the former to place its ads alongside the search results from the latter.

The deal sparked concerns among the online advertisers that resulted into the formation of a subcommittee from US Justice Department to review the agreement for antitrust issues.

Google and Yahoo together hold a whopping 80 percent share in search market and the proposed deal may result into the market dominance of the two.