£249 Gateway ML6226b Celeron Laptop

Powerful and reliable performance make this notebook perfect for the day-to-day functionality you need, letting you easily watch movies, organize photos, and balance your e-mail, calendar and word-processing tasks.

We had this laptop back in January with 2GB and costing £299. Now, Morgan computers is selling a £249 version of the laptop with 1GB memory. It is a factory refurbished model that comes with one year suport and warranty.

The ML6226b Celeron laptop comprises of a Celeron Mobile 520 which runs at 1.6GHz, 1GB memory, a 80GB HDD, a dual layer DVD writer, a 15.4-inch LCD monitor, Intel's own integrated graphics module.

Connectivity wise, you get a 802.11g wireless network, a 56k modem, a card reader, USB port and even a Firewire port. Other interesting tidbits include a 6-cell lithium ion battery (compared to 4-cells otherwise), Windows Vista Home Basic edition and Microsoft Works 8.5 home suite.

The laptop is available from Morgancomputers for only £249.99.