Continuity - When is a test not a test?

When is a test not a test? When it’s an exercise, or a rehearsal, or even a workshop. A subtle distinction maybe, but to some the word “test” can sometimes have undesirable connotations.

It can suggest that the result will either be a pass or a fail, putting undue pressure on the participants, whereas the word “exercise” or “rehearsal” implies training and improvement and is much less threatening.

Strangely, whilst a problem-free test may be seen by some as ‘successful’, it can also give a false sense of security.

In fact, the most successful tests or exercises are the ones that flush out all the potential problems. This allows improvements to be made to plans, processes and procedures, thereby increasing the likelihood of recovery if it ever has to be done “in anger”.

So, whether it’s a test, exercise, rehearsal or workshop make sure you make the most of it and embrace the challenges it throws up – they are ensuring that your processes are robust?

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