Microsoft Extends Windows XP Shelf Life Until July 2009

Yet another stay of execution has been given to Microsoft's now "obsolete" Windows XP Operating System, with the new switch off date rescheduled for the 31st of July 2009, further down the initial 31st January 2009 deadline.

Although XP is supposed to be unavailable for sale since June 30th this year, many e-tailers have continued selling them openly without Microsoft complaining and Ebuyer, for example, has substantial stocks of the whole range of Windows XP Products : Home Edition, MCE, Professional and Tablet PC editions.

Alternatively, many vendors - like HP or Dell - are still proposing Windows Vista Operating System with the explicit option to downgrade to Windows XP when needed.

Windows 7, the successor to Windows Vista, is scheduled to be launched next year and its Alpha version is to be launched on Monday 27th October.

This leaves Microsoft in a very delicate situation with the open possibility of having Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Seven available for sale at the same time.

The software giant has already pledged to continue developing security patches for Windows XP until April 2014, especially after a new generation of Mobile Internet Devices, the so-called Netbooks, gave another lease of life for Windows XP.