RIM's Blackberry Storm Will Allow Copy and Paste and More

Apple better watch out, RIM's back with a vengeance. The latest smartphone from the Blackberry firm nicknamed Storm will officially come a nifty feature that has been sorely lacking on the iPhone - Copy/Paste.

Boy Genius Report discovered that the soon-to-be announced smartphone indeed allows portions of text to be highlighted and copied simply by using the inbuilt multi touch functionality; sure it will take a bit to master it but BGR says that it is "simple, brillant and effective".

RIM's touchscreen answer to the iPhone and to the Nokia Tube will also come with an inbuilt accelerometer as well as an on the fly resizeable keyboard (full QWERTY in landscape and Phone keypad in portrait mode).

The Storm 9530 will come with a 3.2MP camera and 1GB inbuilt memory as well as 128MB Flash memory. Its screen will be capable of displaying 480x360 pixels (ed: a traditional 4:3 ratio) and it will be equipped with A-GPS, WiFi and Stereo Bluetooth.

RIM is also looking beyond its traditional corporate market by taking onboard new "cool" features like the Blackberry Media Sync which, as its name implies, will allow multimedia content to be synched to the Blackberry or a better Facebook integration which allows Blackberry users to stay in touch with their friends on the popular Social network site.