Security Tidbits : World War 3 spam, New Rogues: PersonalAntiSpy Free and AntiVirus Lab 2009

This is particularly nasty spam pushing a fake codec trojan:

If you go to that link, you get to a very convincing site pushing a fake codec. That CNNWorld was created yesterday, hosted in Iran.

PersonalAntiSpy Free is a new rogue security product brought to you by Innovative Marketing

PersonalAntiSpy Home Page Personalantispy. com

Typical fake/Scare scan page

Once the rogue is installed it annoys with a series of fake alert notification.

AntiVirus Lab 2009 is a new rogue security product a near clone of Antispycheck.

AntiVirus Lab 2009 Home page Viruslabs2009. com

Following site is used for direct installation. Iwantfriday. com

Detection by existing antivirus engines on this one is really poor.