Sony Ericsson Prepping 12MP Smartphone

If rumours floating on internet are to be believed Sony Ericsson is all set to shake up the cameraphone market by introducing a phone which will sport a 12 megapixel camera along with an iPhone like interface.

According toMobile Mentalismthe new phone has been codenamed as Kotaku and is likely to run on Symbian operating system version 9.4.

Interestingly the phone is likely to do away with features like a headphone jack, mini USB sockets etc and is likely to go in for Bluetooth based connectivity which will allow for seamless wireless listening.

Other details that have emerged point out that the new phone may just as well do away with Memory Stick format and will provide for a microSD card instead.

Incidentally the new phone is unlikely to hit the markets anytime before second half of 2009; so those who plan to lay their hands on the Kotaku just may way have to wait a bit longer.