Sony To Launch New Ebook Reader With Enhanced Display

Sony is all set to launch a new e-book reader named PRS-700 which will come loaded with a 6-inch touch-screen and is expected to be priced around USD 400.

The new device which will weigh a meagre 10-ounce will sport an integrated LED lighting that is designed to assist reading in low light conditions.

In addition the device with allow its users to mark documents using a stylus and will also feature a pop-up virtual keyboard.

The device incidentally is high on storage and can easily hold nearly 350 e-books in its internal memory while providing additional facility for memory expansion slots.

Though the PRS-700 is expected to pack in quite a punch, it lacks behind in connectivity as it still does not provide for wirelessly downloading content; a user will have to manually download e-books from their PC onto the e-book reader and this surely can take off some shine from this otherwise fantastic product.