T-Mobile Loses Data Of 17 million Customers But No Bank Details

In a startling revelation T-Mobile has admitted that it lost records of nearly 17 million German customers which contained their personal details including email addresses and phone numbers.

In a statement T Mobile's parent, Deutsche Telekom mentioned that a storage device that contained these files has landed in the hands of unknown parties.

Reports indicate that the records of German customers which were lost in 2006 possibly included secret addresses of politicians and some celebrities; however the fact that no bank details were present comes as a saving grace.

The news comes as a major of embarrassment to T-Mobile as such a huge data loss from a leading carrier speaks volumes about its data security procedures.

Incidentally, T-Mobile is already under investigations from German authorities regarding allegations that it snooped on calls made by its major shareholders and board of directors.

The company though has reassured its customers that it is making every possible effort to get the data back and has improved its security procedures to prevent occurrence of such incidents in future.