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Tackling data centre efficiency through regulation

Across the IT industry there is a strong consensus that the issue of power consumption in data centres needs to be tackled. Where the debate continues, however, is how this can be best achieved.

The latest contribution to the debate has come from the EU, which has proposed a voluntary Code of Conduct for data centre operators of all size organisations.

The EU Code of Conduct is open to all data centres (existing and planned), their users and their suppliers in either a category of Participant or Endorser, on a voluntary basis.

Participants are data centre owners and operators; Endorsers are data centre consultancies, utilities, government, standards bodies and equipment vendors.

The new proposed EU Code of Conduct is set to fit in an already quite complicated set of requirements – some voluntary others mandatory.

The Code sits in the former of these categories and there is currently no intention to introduce regulatory enforcement.

However, we shouldn’t forget that the Code has been developed in response to increasing alarm over the energy consumption of data centres and seasoned ‘EU watchers’ will note that if ‘voluntary’ doesn’t work then, given the scale of problem, ‘mandatory’ often follows.

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