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BT Partners With T-Mobile and Three Over 21CN Broadband Network

In a bid to address the soaring data traffic, Mobile operators T-Mobile and 3 have inked a backhaul deal with BT that will connect their 7,500 base station sites to BT’s 21st Century Network (21CN) mobile broadband network.

Both T-Mobile and 3 UK signed the deal through their joint venture firm, Mobile Broadband Network Limited (MBNL), which was established to allow the operators to merge their base station portfolios.

The two operators have signed a five-year contract with BT to ensure better connectivity for its 7,500 base station sites on their 3G networks.

Although, T-Mobile already has had this kind of deal with BT, signed in July last year, new agreement will replace the existing one.

The move will help the operators in coping with the increasing traffic demands on mobile broadband, which has seen a remarkable surge since the arrival of 3G dongles in both professional and consumer environs.

Graham Baxter, Chief Technology Officer of 3 UK said, “Given the massive growth in the use of data on our network, the BT agreement brings us the scalability we will require in a critical element of the network consolidation.”

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