Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Delay Till 2009, Benefits Apple's iPhone and Google's Android

So, for some reason, the Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic won't be available in UK until next year although it will be on sale in seven other countries before Christmas in a bid by Nokia to focus on emerging markets (ed: does that mean that they are capacity-constrained?)

It is unlikely that the 5800 Xpressmusic on sale in those countries will be bundled with the "Comes with Music" package. Nokia's first touchscreen smartphone will feature a 3.2 megapixel camera phone as well as 8GB of flash memory (including a bundled 8GB sd card).

Not having a flagship phone to counter the iPhone and Google's Android in the build-up to Christmas could be seen as a serious setback for Nokia especially as the last months of the year normally see the biggest sales.

Reuters is saying that the Finnish manufacturer is blaming network operators for extra customisations they're asking.

The Register has another theory as to why network operators like T-Mobile or Vodafone might not be keen on stocking the Tube - operators don't want a music service (or indeed any services like Ovi) that competes with their own offerings.