Productivity Drives Technology or Vice Versa?

The demand for greater productivity gets harder and we look to innovative technology to be our saviour.In today's market and challenged financial environment, there is no let up in the demands on workers to work harder and smarter with less, productivity is more important to thesustainability of businessthan ever before. But what is productivity within the context of today's information-driven enterprise.

Productivity is the combination of data and human creativity needed to create actionable, meaningful knowledge. It is the effective communication of that knowledge for use by others on a timely basis and then turning that knowledge into clearly defined concepts.

This and organisational goals that can be acted upon by everyone across business processes makes better business decisions. In the enterprise, effective tools to share data and enhance human creativity within and among teams are critical to increase productivity and stay ahead of the competition.

According to Professor Brynjolfsson "Productivity growth comes from new technologies and new ways of doing things." Erik Brynjolfsson lectures worldwide on business strategy and performance, pricing models and intangible assets at the MIT Sloan School.

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