T-Mobile Pushes G1 Emulator Website Live, Gives a Taste Of Android

The buzz around Google’s Android based handset G1 is going to reach a feverish pitch as the handset’s manufacturer T-Mobile announced a website that will allow the handset-seekers to explore the features of the device.

The G1 emulator website provides an all round view of the handset, and it offers a true feel of the device to the users by allowing them to navigate through its different menus and features using mouse as a touchscreen operator, as if the handset is in their grip.

Users can check the keypad layout, drop down menus, settings and other important apps of the device; however, they can’t run through its network apps, such as - GPS, Browser - and camera functioning.

The G1 emulator website will surely help in boosting the sales of the Android powered device, which is scheduled to cruise into the market in November this year.

Google is all set to step into mobile-phone segment with its fully-featured mobile Android platform and the industry is eagerly waiting to reap the benefits of the search engine giant’s new endeavour.