Virgin Media Officially UK's Fastest Broadband Provider (for September at least)

It seems that Virgin Media has won the race for the fastest average broadband speed in UK by beating Q2 in September this year

Virgin Media was clearly ahead of the competition in terms of average download speed which stood at 6.128Mbps against O2 and Be's 5.321Mbps; however the later had an edge in case of upload speeds.

In both cases, Virgin, Be and O2 have top speed packages - 20mbps, 24mbps, 20mbps respectively - that helped skew the results in their favour.

According to analysts from the results were based on numerous broadband speed tests that were taken by ordinary broadband users across UK.

Explaining the success of Virgin Media, Edd Dawson of mentioned that "The results show the fruits of Virgin's work to improve download speeds in recent months and we expect the results to improve further for Virgin as their 50Mbps service becomes more widely available over the coming months."

Other notable insights from the speed test results showed that that Eclipse Internet had the slowest download speeds and had AOL for company in the bottom of the table.