Vodafone Launches Books On Mobile With Gospoken

Now you can enjoy the famous literary works on your mobile as Vodafone has come up with its new offering “Books on Mobile”, which will allow its subscribers to download their favourite books on their mobile phones.

The services will be launched in conjunction with GoSpoken.com and it will allow the Vodafone users to download bestsellers either in audio form or in form of e-books after two weeks.

The cost of the books will be in the range of GBP5 to GBP15, and users can access their favourite books from various authors including Harper Collins, Penguin and Random House, and the charge of the download will be added on the customer’s monthly bill.

In addition to renowned classics and bestsellers, Vodafone users can also try out new authors by browsing the long list of sample write-ups available in audio or text form.

GoSpoken.com was established by Andy McNab, a British novelist famous for his novel ‘Bravo Two Zero’ based on Gulf war of 1993.