£35.98 4GB PNY PC6400 Computer Memory Modules

Computer memory modules at Play.com are at an all time low. The PNY PC6400 model, which can be used on PC5300 computers as well, will cost you a mere £35.98 a pair.

The price includes VAT and delivery and will give you some welcomed breathing space on compatible Windows Vista and XP operating systems. PNY manufactures DDR2 memory upgrades rated at PC2-3200, PC2-4200, PC2-5300 and PC2-6400.

They are compatible with desktop and notebook computers and processors including Intel's Pentium, Celeron and Centrino, AMD's Athlon and Sempron Socket AM2 processors, and others.

The upgrade modules are compatible with systems from Apple, Compaq, DELL, Gateway, HP, IBM and over 5000 other systems.

Although DDR2 modules are the same physical dimension as DDR modules, the plug-in connector configuration is different and as such DDR2 modules are not compatible with PCs requiring DDR modules, and vice-versa.

Note that PNY provides a litefine warranty on their products as well as 24-hour technical support. The Suggested Retail Price for these memory modules are £38 per module.

Grab a pair of those at Play.com while stock lasts.