Apple "Brick" Laptop: It's All About The Manufacturing Process

Rumours mills about Apple’s new announcement, scheduled for 14 October, are buzzing hard, and this time it’s not about the product but it’s largely about the manufacturing process.

According to recent claims made by 9to5mac, the casing of the new Macbooks from Apple will be carved out of one solid mass of aluminium, code named “brick”.

Previously, the term “brick” was appeared on 9to5mac on its 10 September post, when the website purported that the new update of the Macbook range would see new laptops, tagged Brick.

The manufacturing process involves cutting out the heavy mass of aluminium with the help of lasers and jets of water to slice out sturdy casing for new Macbook, the website added.

The new product designs could precisely be linked to what Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer has termed as “product transition”, in company’s July earning conference, which talks about reduction in profit margins to smash its rivals.

The process will help the company in significantly bringing down the cost of its Macbook range significantly, 9to5mac added.