Apple Co-Founder Says iPod Family Will Disappear (Hint : That's called Evolution)

So, Steve Wozniak, the other Steve behind Apple, is saying that the iPod is a commodity that will eventually disappear just like the transistor radio and Walkman.

In an interview to UK Telegraph, saying that Apple's most popular product has had a long life at number one and would "die out after a while".

And Cnet says that the iPod is already dead. Which in some sense is true. The "old" iPod is already disappearing fast, replaced by the iPod iTouch which is too close to the iPhone for comfort.

The iPod is already a mature product with very little room for improvement (bigger screens, bigger capacity) and the only way to innovate with such a focused device is to add more functionality, which is what the iPhone is all about.

Wozniak also lambasted another iconic Apple product, the iPhone, saying that it its proprietary nature and locked service provider, when compared with Google's Android (incidentally the only truly open platform on the market), will hamper its growth in the long run.

Apple's share are currently in a freefall having lost nearly 15 percent since yesterday and, at the time of writing, are lingering at USD 85.30, a far cry from Apple's 52-week high of nearly USD 203.