Sanyo's New Blu-ray Lasers Bring 100GB Optical Storage Nearer

Japanese Consumer Electronics Manufacturer Sanyo has announced that it is working on new blue laser diode technology that could double the current Blu-ray capacity to 100GB while upping the writing speed to 12x.

Although the date at which the component will be delivered is still unknown, it opens the door for some exciting development in the world of storage. Up to four data layers, each containing 25GB of data can be burnt and the 12x speed means that a disk will be be able to write at a breathtaking speed of 432mbps. In comparison, USB2.0 theoretical upper limit is 480mbps.

This means that the a 100GB disc could be filled in under 10 minutes (10GB per minute). Currently, top writing/reading speeds reach 6x but Sanyo says that the laser beam, which emits 0.45w - nearly twice the 0.25w of existing drives, will have to be paired with compatible blank Blu-ray disks and, simultaneously, get a stamp of approval from the Blu-ray Disc Association.

Sanyo reckons that the first 100GB Blu-ray burners should be available before 2011. But as some commenters pointed out, maybe optical drives have had their day leaving hard/solid disk drives (and cloud storage) as the only viable alternative. In related news, archiving experts Plasmon UK and Europe - which specialise in WORM storage - have today been placed into administration.