£77.20 Hanton H-341WB 19-inch TFT Monitor

Wider the screen, wilder the fun says Hanton, the manufacturer of that great looking, entry level TFT monitor. The H-341WB won't win any prizes for being a slim, attractive monitor but it will get heads rolling with its low price.

At £77.20 including VAT and delivery, this 19-inch widescreen TFT monitor can display 1440x900 pixels, offers a contrast ratio of 500:1 and a brightness of 300cd/m2 (ed: you get what you paid for).

Response time is actually quite good at 5ms. You get DVI and Dsub connectors as well as a pair of stereo speakers. The H-341WB will consume only 45w in full mode and amere 3w in stand by modee and at 5.3kg, it won't break your back if you have to move it around.

Reports are generally positive with one reviewer saying : "I replaced my five year old HP CRT monitor with this and it made me realise how much I'd been missing! Photos which looked like they had dark areas on them now have details and web pages are much sharper with vibrant colours. It installed as if it had always been connected and no manual set up was involved."

Get it now from Ebuyer for only £77.20. As a comparison, Dabs sells a used version for £94.