BT Criticised By Advertising Watchdog For Misleading Customers

It seems that an advert which claimed BT as the ‘Best Performing Broadband’ supplier has run foul with the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA).

Acting on a complaint filed by Virgin Media, the ASA has ruled that BT in essence misled its customers since the said advert failed to disclose that it was voted the best only among ADSL suppliers and that too for a limited period of January 2006 to January 2008 by Epitiro.

In its adjudication the ASA mentions “Without immediate qualification, the ad was likely to mislead” and also directed BT that it needs to qualify Best Performing Broadband with ADSL in future.

Interestingly it was also put forward that the advert also did not clearly state the fact that it was essential to have a BT landline in order to connect with the BT broadband.

With the increasing competition in the broadband market companies are often adopting marketing strategies that are at times ambiguous and the ruling from ASA is likely to encourage them, to avoid presenting half baked facts before the public.