Clickjacking Fears Dent Adobe's Flash Security and Privacy Credentials

Adobe has come up with a security alert about its Flash software which warns its users about an exploit called clickjacking.

Clickjacking essentially involves subverting a web page in a manner such that when a user clicks on a link he is directed to a site that hackers want him to visit.

Adobe is currently working to rectify the vulnerability and has credited a number of engineers including Jeremiah Grossman and Robert Hansen of White Hat security of helping it in this endeavour.

Interestingly, Jeremiah and Robert had planned to present the flaw in a security conference and were prevailed upon by Adobe, not to do so till a workaround is devised.

In a related statement, Jeremiah mentioned that the responsibility solving clickjacking issues did not solely rest with Adobe and mentioned “Everyone including browser vendors, Adobe (plus other plug-in vendors), website owners and web users all need their own solutions to assist.”

Experts acknowledge that clickjacking attacks can allow hackers a great deal of leverage in compromising the privacy and data security of user and can go to the extent of controlling a computer’s webcam and utilising it as a surveillance device.