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iPhone Third Party Applications Make Missing Multi Tasking More Essential Than Ever

Apple bangs on about third party applications ruining the iPhone experience if left running in the background. Absolute piffle as BJ might say.

Two super apps one recently updated, the other new to the App Store illustrate why multi tasking is needed, not just for Apple’s own applications.

The first is Fring. If you are heavy Skype user, and many small businesses are, Fring is a godsend if your fixed line is your Skypein number.

In essence your calls follow you wherever you are, never missing the important job that pays your next month’s rent.

International colleagues also appreciate the zero cost of contact instead of the fortune the networks would like to charge.

Fring on the iPhone is the solution. Or would be, if it weren’t for the little fact that it has to run in the foreground.

Want to read an email, and talk on Fring, forget it. Want to find the web site as you discuss business with a colleague in the US, not a chance.

The Fring user interface is great, sheer iPhone simplicity except Apple refuse to allow the app to run in the background.

Like to listen to music from LastFM ‘cause it suits your mood as you work? LastFM has just been updated and is now nicer and simpler than ever.

Yet again it has to run in the foreground! Why! My Nokia’s E71 lets me have LastFM blasting in my ears, Fring listening for Skype calls, and I can be writing uber-emails using RoadSync.

This is not even S60 V5. With Nokia’s 5800, and follow up handsets in the very near future, Apple are going to have the best & worst handset on the market.