iPlayer Now Supports WMA, Brings BBC Content to PMPs and Smartphones

Users of popular portable media players like the Archos Series or Smartphones like the Nokia N96 rejoice. The BBC has updated its iPlayer platform aand now allows content to be downloaded to the players via a USB port (or by using a removable storage device).

Amongst the other devices supported are the Sony Walkman E and S series, Archos 605 WIFI and Internet Media Tablet, Philips GoGear 52xx series and Samsung YP-P2 and YP-Q1.

The list is not exhaustive though and the Corporation encourages other PMP users to test whether their Microsoft WMA players support iPlayer content or not.

Viewers, who incidentally may not have to pay for the TV License, will have access to more than 250 TV programmes and radio shows.

Writing on the BBC Internet Blog, the Beeb's inhouse web expert, Anthony Rose also added that sideloading is not coming to the iPod or the iPhone anytime soon, much to the chagrin of their users.

The crux of the problem lies with Apple which keeps a very tight control on its Digital Rights Management technology.