Mozilla Toying With Geode "Geo-Targeting" Addon for Firefox

Mozilla has introduced an experimental browser add on for its Firefox web browser that essentially allows it to identify your location.

The new geo location service called Geode allows websites to request for your physical location and provides the same in case you agree.

Expressing his enthusiasm over the development Mike Beltzner from Firefox said "You can add that location aspect to search, weather reports, and so many other things. Location is going to change the way people interact with the web."

Geode implements a W3C Geolocation API specification that essentially defines a JavaScript interface with geolocation functions and can be embedded seamlessly into the browser.

However, some have pointed out that Geode, which at present uses Skyhook wireless service, has limited functionality and can trace only Wi-fi equipped devices; however the API has the capacity to use GPS and Cell tower triangulation for location.