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Student Charged For Hacking Sarah "Bulldog" Palin's Yahoo Mail

A court in Knoxville USA has indicated David Kernell, a twenty year old student at the University of Tennessee for hacking into Alaska Governor and US Vice President nominee Sara Palin’s email account.

According to investigators, David broke into Sarah Palin’s Yahoo account by resetting her password by using the Yahoo’s password recovery tool and placed ‘popcorn’ as the new password.

In addition he posted details of her correspondence on along with other personal information.

David Kernell is the son of a leading Democratic state lawmaker, Mike Kernell, who has incidentally denied any involvement in the hacking episode.

The trial is set for 16th of December and David can receive up to five years in prison for this offence.

Interestingly David was able to guess Sarah Palin’s personal questions by simply gathering the required information online and such incidents surely do raise questions about security procedures followed by leading email service providers.

Désiré Athow

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