Unlimited Mobile Calls, Texts, Skype and 1GB Internet From 3 Network for £15

As from Next November, UK users of Three network will be able to make unlimited calls and send unlimited texts to other users on the same network for only £15.

The plan - announced during a briefing by 3 CEO Kevin Russell - will also include internet access up to 1GB capacity - which is worth £10 on its own - and the usual 4300 monthly Skype minutes. But it is not known whether this will also apply to existing customers.

Three is gambling on the fact that it does not have to pay termination fees or in the industry's lingo, mobile termination rate (MBR), when customers stay on the same network.

Three reckons that it pays more than £38 million per annum to other networks at a rate of 6p per minute while the price of every SMS hovers between 2p and 3p although the true price is likely to be around a pence a minute.

Although Three also benefits from MBR, the fact that it is UK's smallest network is working against it and while the European Commission has already said it would crack down on the exorbitant MBR fees soon, the other major mobile networks - like Vodafone - have threatened to charge customers to receive calls if Brussels kills their golden goose.

O2 offers Text or Calls Freedom allowing either unlimited O2 to O2 calls or unlimited texts to anyone when joining a Simplicity Pay Monthly tariff with 600 minutes or more per month.

T-Mobile on the other hand offers a whopping 600 minutes and unlimited texts for £20 on its Solo contract, anytime, any network.