£129.99 1.5TB Maxtor External Desktop Hard Drive

Your work, your photos, your songs, your digital video, your memories. Store them all safely and securely in Maxtor's External Desktop Hard Drive.

Ideal for home and office, it's easy to use - just connect the power adaptor; then connect the USB cable into your PC or Mac and your Maxtor Desktop Hard Drive appears as another drive on your computer.

Perfect for the home PC or the laptop user who needs extra storage in a hurry.

This is a massive storage device that can hold in the palm of your hand. This Maxtor external hard disk drive can store a whopping 1.5TB of data (that's roughly 325 DVDs) and is Mac and PC compatible.

The drive is designed for creative professionals who need the disk striping speed of RAID 0 for intensive disk-access applications or the security of RAID 1 for automatically mirroring data.

Faster throughput means faster workflow, and that means greater productivity for creative professionals who work in digital video, photography and graphic arts.

Unfortunately, you will only be able to use it via a USB 2.0 connection; buy this drive from Maplin at only £129.99 including VAT and delivery.