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£359.99 HP 6735s Laptop, Dual Core, 4GB Memory, 250GB, Webcam and Windows Vista

**** Ebuyer no longer sells the HP 6735s at this price. As of 30th December 2008, expect to pay £389.98 including delivery (opens in new tab) for the laptop with an enhanced 2.1GHz CPU. It seems that the cashback scheme by HP is no longer available.****

AMD business class solutions and an impressive combination of mobile office features make the HP Compaq 6735s notebook PC an affordable productivity tool, also ideal for students.

This sleek notebook is newly designed and equipped with enhanced security and excellent battery life, making it one smart investment.

And what you get for only £359.99 (delivered and including VAT) is simply unheard at this price and unmatched by anything on the market.

To reach this price, you have to fill up a form and send it back to HP to receive a £40 cash back. More details here (opens in new tab).

Ebuyer's HP 6735s comes (opens in new tab) with an AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core QL-60 1.9Ghz CPU, 4GB memory (yes, 4GB), 250GB hard disk space, a 15.4-inch WXGA monitor, ATI's HD3200 graphics module, integrated webcam and Windows Vista Premium to boot with.

How does that compare with the rest of the field? PC World Business (opens in new tab) sells the same laptop for £505.61 with a lesser configuration, Apple sells a similarly configured Macbook laptop for £969.

An array of multi-layered, customizable security solutions help defend your network, your applications, and your data.

- Drive encryption for HP ProtectTools encodes all information on your hard drive so that your sensitive information is unreadable to an unauthorized person if your notebook is lost or stolen.

- Experience web conferencing and other multi-media content with no additional hardware to buy or carry.

- The HP SoftPaq download manager provides a simple, powerful way to download software updates to your PC environment in as few as three steps.

- HP 3D DriveGuard, using a three-axis accelerometer which detects any sudden movement and initiates protective action, helps protect your notebook's hard drive against impact, bumps, or drops so your critical information is easily protected while you are on the move.

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