After Games and Youtube, Google Introduces Ads for Google Maps

Google has initiated testing of ads on Google Maps with text based ads that display links to relevant and localised search results.

The move to introduce ads into Google Maps comes in close succession of Google introducing ads for online games and click to buy buttons on YouTube.

With stocks prices of Google falling rapidly in last two weeks, it seems the company is going all out to tap into every conceivable platform that it can find to monetize its content.

Placing ads on Google Maps definitely makes for good business sense as the site today boasts of a huge traffic flow and according to comScore had more than thirteen million unique visitors in the month of August 2008.

Currently most ads that are been displayed on Google Maps do not necessarily point to a location on the map and instead takes you out of Google Maps to an advertisers website.

However few relevant advertisements have icons on the actual map and such ads do have the potential of becoming a big draw with advertisers.