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Apple To Launch Sub £500 Mini Laptop Next Tuesday?

In these times of Turmoil, Apple is going ahead with the launch of several new laptops including one of which should be sold for less than USD 899 (that's less than £500) which would indicate that Apple could be suffering from the global economic downturn, from a revenue point of view

The 14th of October Apple event will take place in the company's town hall in Cupertino and will put the spotlight on Notebooks, which are more lucrative than desktops anyway, in a bid to stop their profit margins from falling down.

Apple is expected to use the new "Brick" production process strategy to cut manufacturing costs and improve overall efficiency.

Details are scant regarding Apple's cheapest soon-to-be announced laptop; expect it to be a small laptop - netbook size probably, equipped with an Intel processor and at least 1GB memory and a solid state disk.

Apple's cheapest Macbook costs £699 on Apple Store and a Sub £500 model would mark Apple's first incursion into those unchartered territories where competition is most ferocious but did Apple really have the choice?

HP is selling a laptop (HP 6735s) with 4GB memory and a 250GB for less than £350. A Similar Macbook from Apple would cost around £970; Granted MacOS X is seemingly superior, but paying more than £620 for an Operating system is a steep price to ask.

Apple has seen its shares price fall by more than 50 percent since May this year, more than other major hardware manufacturers as Wall Street feels that the Cupertino-based company could be more affected than Dell, IBM or HP by the threat of a possible global recession.

Désiré Athow

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