Microsoft Sends Advanced Security "Patch Tuesday" Alert

Microsoft is all set to release a bunch of security patches next week and has already issued four security bulletins informing the users of the same.

The patches are expected to fix bugs in Windows, Internet Explorer (IE) along with Active Directory and Host and Integration Server and many of these patches have been tagged as critical.

In addition some of the updates are designed to address vulnerabilities that can be used by hackers to execute remote code.

Information released by Microsoft shows that patches for IE has been marked critical for IE 5 and IE6 while they are tagged as important for IE7.

Other updates include fixes for bug in previous versions of Windows including one bulletin labelled solely for Office XP service pack 3.

With Microsoft planning to bring in as many as eleven updates, it is also likely to provide an "exploitability index" which will effectively help system administrators to suitably prioritize the patches.