Evil Dubya Photo Amongst Messages Sent By Bebo Users To Aliens

Social Networking website Bebo has finally sent a collection of photos, drawings and text messages from its users to a very distant Earth-like celestial body called Gliese 581c.

This PR stunt started back in July 2008 and has been done in collaboration with RDF television, produces of Shipwrecked and Wifeswap.

501 photos, messages and drawings have been beamed the data fro the RT-70 radar telescope from Evpatoria in Ukraine, all at an estimated cost of USD 40,000, reaching the targeted planet, which is 20.5 light years away by Spring 2029 (ed: at which time we will probably have forgotten what Social networking were).

The Telegraph reports that the pictures include famous London landmarks like the London Eye and the Edinburgh Castle together with famous television and political celebrities.

X-Files Star Gillian Anderson, however, chose the picture of US President George W. Bush to illustrate the notion of Evil while presidential hopeful, Barack Obama was chosen to represent goodness. Dozens of other celebs including McFly's, Radio One DJ Scott Mills and Britain's Got Talent winner George Sampson.

A spokesperson for Bebo said that : "A Message From Earth presents an opportunity for the digital natives of today... to reconnect with science and the wider universe in a simple, fun and immersive way."