Alcatel-Lucent is one of the world's biggest industry players in telecommunications that provides hardware, software, and services to Service Providers, Enterprises and Industry & Public Sector customers all over the globe.

The company is incorporated in France and has its headquarters at rue de la Boétie in Paris. The company does business in more than 130 countries, with almost equal sales distribution coming from both its European and North American regions, and an additional third of its channel located elsewhere in the world.

Alcatel-Lucent was formed after Alcatel merged with Lucent Technologies on December 1, 2006.

Alcatel has a long history beginning in 1898 with the founding of Compagnie Générale d'Electricité (CGE).

The original home of the company was the Alsace region and it still maintains R&D operations in the Strasbourg area. The current name, "Alcatel", comes from the acquisition in 1968 of Société Alsacienne de Constructions Atomiques, de Télécommunications et d' Electronique

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