Australia cracks down on SMS scammers, sorry, spammers

According to Australia's Courier Mail, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (AAAC) is less than happy with a firm offering a Macbook Air - you know, the ultra-thin Mac laptop - as a prize in a text message compo.

Punters, it seems, have been charged A$5.00 to join the compo and are then sent ten questions at A$5.00 a pop. Afterwards they get another six messages a month, also at A$5.00 a time.

After forking out the better side of 35 quidlets, punters are only then told that residents of Queensland, Victoria or the Australian Capital Territory are not eligible to win the prize.

The AAAC has become sufficiently cheesed off to launch a lawsuit against the compo organisers, who appear to have had around 6,000 complaints in a relatively short space of time.

And you though UK mobile phone quizzes were a bit expensive?...