Firefox Mobile Alpha Coming Up By End of October

Mozilla’s long awaited mobile browser will be available to alpha testers in couple of weeks, company’s CEO John Lilly stated in a recent interview.

Instead of releasing the browser directly for mobile platforms, the alpha version of the browser will be released for Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, with a view of giving an opportunity to testers to examine it properly before finally using it to the mobile phones.

Mozilla is likely to release the full beta version of the “Fennec” browser in a few weeks, which will support AJAX and Java applications on both Windows and Linux mobile platforms.

In its attempt to bring true web experience on mobile devices, the Fennec browser is said to include a “bridge”, which will allow users to transfer cookies, history, bookmarks and other data from their desktop browsers to mobile devices, Mozilla claimed.

When asked about the late entry into the highly competing mobile browser space, John Lilly said, “We want to make sure that the web on mobile is more like the web than what the industry offers today” and the new Firefox Mobile is all set to deliver the unparalleled browsing experience to mobile users.