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Managing Business Continuity in the Media

These days news travels fast, and it seems that bad news travels even faster. And if the bad news is yours, depending on the type of industry you’re in, the media could be upon you before you can say “news headline”!

The way you handle the media can be as important as recovering from the incident itself. There are many well-documented cases of poor media management seriously damaging a company.

So it pays to be prepared. Remember, if the press want a story they’ll get it, whether you contribute or not. So you need to be in a position to put your side of the story across, in the way in which you want it reported.

Make sure you nominate your official spokespeople before the event. They need to be senior figures within your organisation, but choose carefully as your Managing Director or Chief Executive may actually not be the ideal person to put in front of the cameras.

Ensure that they are given proper training in interview techniques and image management.

And finally, ensure that they have good backup, in the form of a sound crisis and media management plan, a good communications structure and the right team to support them during their time in the spotlight.

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