More Like TV : Youtube Offers Full Episodes With Ads In

YouTube has started offering full length episodes of some television shows on its website which are likely to include advertising during the show.

The move made by YouTube which primarily has small videos in its extensive collection indicates a growing acceptance amongst internet users of watching longer videos online.

Incidentally, YouTube had just last week added a “theatre view” option which was intended for playing large video files.

Youtube's owner, Google has been under pressure to generate more revenues from YouTube and the decision to include full length episodes will allow it to place mid-roll advertising in its video along with already existing practise of placing ads before and after the video.

Expressing the reasoning behind placing mid-roll ads, a statement released by company mentioned “As we test this new format, we also want to ensure that our partners have more options when it comes to advertising on their full-length TV shows”

Currently however these full length videos are available inside US only, though the company is expected to make it available for an international audience at a later date.