Nokia Says N-Series Touchscreen Smartphones To Come Soon

Nokia is going to add a touchscreen smartphone to its popular N-Series product range; that's what Devinder Kishore, marketing director at Nokia India told an audience at an event in New Delhi.

According to Kishore (reported by , an announcement is due shortly and could partly make up for the lacklustre debut of the Nokia Xpressmusic 5800 which has yet to be officially launched (as in non-paper launch).

He added that "[Nokia] will have lot of touchscreen phones coming up, including an N-series device very soon", saying that yet-to-be-named mobile phone (the moniker N97 pops to mind) will be launched before the end of 2008 and that punters can expect Nokia to release many more mainstream touchscreen models in 2009.

In related news, a couple of Nokia conceptphones images have surfaced on Mobilewhack and Unwired respectively.

The first one depicts a mobile phone that not only has a touchscreen but also allows water (as in H2O), to be inserted below the screen itself, in an attempt to look cooler (literally) than the competition.

The second one (see below) brings together the graphical user interface of the Xpressmusic 5800 with the already-out N96 in an attempt to show what the N97 could look like.