Virgin Media Says Online Broadband Speed Testers Not Ready For 50mbps service

Virgin Media is planning to launch a new monthly broadband speed testing program for its forthcoming 50mbps service, as the ISP has cited a number of flaws in the existing broadband speed testing techniques in measuring the speeds of faster broadband networks.

The company said that it has tested its 50mbps service with the existing broadband speed testers and found serious discrepancies in the actual speeds and the results shown by the testers.

The results could pose serious problems for the ISPs, who rely on these methods to ensure faster connectivity for its users.

“Customers increasingly rely on speed test comparisons to choose their broadband provider”, Jon James, director group strategy, Virgin Media said.

According to Virgin’s lab research, the major flaw exist in the way these testers handle the information, as they derive the results solely on the basis of downloading and uploading speeds of a small file on users’ PCs, which can’t provide accurate results.

Virgin Media backed the integrated hardware speed test solutions as the appropriate method for calculating broadband speeds.