Document management and retrieval applications? What's the ROI

We know that document management systems eliminate having to print out loads of documents a day in order to capture and file them, thereby making them more accessible to all users.

Also by replacing printing and distribution through electronic distribution saves valuable time and costs.

However, what about the intangible benefits of using these applications?

For a start if we can reduce errors in the data collection process, then our business intelligence becomes more valuable.

Also, by giving employees easy access to clear and more extensive information improves efficiency and can help to eliminate repetitive tasks, thus empowering your knowledge worker.

If you centralise functions such as document submission and repository, editing, proofreading, formatting etc., it enables the sharing of documents and resources so you can effectively balance workloads during those dreaded crunch times.

Oceanus is a systems integrator and customer management specialist; providing comprehensive document and case management solutions for customer acquisition and customer service environments in Consumer Finance, Telco's and Utility companies.